Cancellation of the 2020 General Assembly

Under exceptional circumstances, exceptional decision: our board of directors, unanimously by its members, decided to cancel our General Assembly which was to be held this Sunday, September 20, 2020 will be postponed to a later date

We look forward to seeing you at our next General Assembly (date to come)

Recovery plan: Phase 2 in collaboration with the FQBO

In view of the resumption of activities, we have decided to use the same recovery plan as the Fédération Québécoise de Boxe Olympique for our fighters. Here is the document on which the FQBO Medical Commission worked.

The procedure for kick-boxing clubs in Quebec (version Sept. 2020)

By implementing these measures, you will not only protect the health of your members and the public, but you will also protect your club from a legal standpoint.

Here are other supporting documents to consult, including inexpensive and easy to make homemade disinfectant recipes approved by the WHO. You will find attached :

Boxing Canada’s recommendations on returning to sport
A risk assessment tool for COVID-19 in sport
Ethanol and bleach-based disinfectant recipes

Finally, know that the Corporation’s mission is to support its members during this difficult period.

We believe in the goodwill of our members and remain convinced that if everyone does their part to minimize the risk of contagion in the community, we will all return to a normal pace of life more quickly.

See you soon!

Event message

The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health and Social Services do not approve the holding of events, it is up to the organizing committees and organizations to assess the feasibility according to the directives issued by the General Directorate of Health public.

For now, the important thing is to make sure you follow the messages sent by the Prime Minister, the Minister of Health and Social Services and the National Director of Public Health. Various measures with regard to deconfinement and the resumption of activities are communicated regularly, and this, according to the epidemiological portraits of the different regions of Quebec.

One thing is certain, the following public health instructions will be maintained for all participants, spectators and volunteers:

  • Allow physical distancing of 2 meters;
  • Ensure that basic hygiene measures, such as hand washing are provided and accessible;
  • Avoid, as far as possible, any contact;
  • Ideally, plan outdoor activities, including hospitality, registration, prize giving, etc.

Add to this that you will have to comply with the rules that may be issued by your municipality, your MRC, the Quebec sports federation or the national leisure organization concerned.

Here are some clarifications regarding the gatherings.

The 50-person limit at gatherings is for indoor events and applies to spectators only. The number of participants (including supervisory staff) in an indoor activity must respect the distance provided according to the space available and the rules established by the sports federations in order to limit prolonged contact between participants. In addition, there are no limits to participants and spectators for outdoor events as long as the physical distance of two meters is respected.

Remember that festivals and major events are still canceled until August 31. In addition, professional and semi-professional sports must be held behind closed doors.

Thank you