Recovery plan: Phase 2 in collaboration with the FQBO

In view of the resumption of activities, we have decided to use the same recovery plan as the Fédération Québécoise de Boxe Olympique for our fighters. Here is the document on which the FQBO Medical Commission worked.

The procedure for kick-boxing clubs in Quebec (version Sept. 2020)

By implementing these measures, you will not only protect the health of your members and the public, but you will also protect your club from a legal standpoint.

Here are other supporting documents to consult, including inexpensive and easy to make homemade disinfectant recipes approved by the WHO. You will find attached :

Boxing Canada’s recommendations on returning to sport
A risk assessment tool for COVID-19 in sport
Ethanol and bleach-based disinfectant recipes

Finally, know that the Corporation’s mission is to support its members during this difficult period.

We believe in the goodwill of our members and remain convinced that if everyone does their part to minimize the risk of contagion in the community, we will all return to a normal pace of life more quickly.

See you soon!