Activities practiced in a public place INDOOR

The information communicated yesterday by the Prime Minister will allow Quebeckers to enjoy outdoor leisure and sports activities during the holiday season. Here are some details about the activities still possible for us during this period from December 17 to January 11:

Activities carried out alone or in pairs, or with the occupants of the same private residence or whatever takes its place, are permitted. Private lessons are authorized insofar as the speakers (instructors, coaches, instructors, guides, etc.) provide lessons or private lessons to one person at a time, or to occupants of the same private residence or of this which takes its place. Group activities, competitions or leagues are not permitted. Spectators are prohibited. Please note that the fitness centers (gyms) remain closed in the red zone. The number of people is determined by the site managers, depending on the capacity of the infrastructure. It must allow the strict application of distancing measures, the absence of contact between each person and between each private lesson, so as not to create a gathering. The reception capacity must be indicated, as well as a reminder of the sanitary instructions. Changing rooms must remain closed, except for those for aquatic activities. As far as possible, participants are invited to arrive ready to carry out their activity.