free training and private lessons

The Government of Quebec announced yesterday new containment measures that will come into force from January 9 to February 8.

These new measures include a ban on indoor sports activities.

It will therefore be prohibited to offer private lessons and no free training indoors will be accepted. We have to comply with government requirements.

Only Sports-Study, Sports Concentration and Special Programs will be allowed during school hours.

We are aware that this news is once again received as a very specific kick in the ribs but we will once again recover from this because we are fighters.

If stopping for 1 month can help us to resume our sport more normally then.

It’s worth pushing yourself and staying positive. We invite you to communicate with your students and keep them motivated despite this difficult struggle. All together, we will succeed. We are starting 2021 with a count of 8 but we will win this fight together.

Despite this difficult start, we wish you a happy new year 2021.