The corporation

Our organization received its letters patent from the Government of Quebec on February 1, 1988. We are a non-profit organization whose objective is to manage and promote the practice of amateur kick-boxing.

To do this, the board of directors elected every two years, applies the resolutions of the annual general meetings. All members of the corporation in good standing are entitled to attend and vote at these meetings. It should be noted that professional fighters can be a member in good standing of the corporation and act as an official, trainer or any other function but cannot participate as a fighter in an amateur fight.

Here are the members of the board of directors currently in office

Yanick Bergeron
Albertho Mercédat
Conrad Joyal
Anick Poulin
Lionel Pascali
Savate Director
Patrick Lavallée
Édiane Marquis
Réjean Bérubé
Geneviève Banville
Tommy Pochat


  1. Medical   
  2. Safety regulations (review and update in collaboration with Mr. Jérome Ouellet from the ministry)
  3. Officials and galas (train officials, designate those on duty during galas) Train and designate officials on duty.
  4. Coaches (Ensure the competence of newcomers and recommend their acceptance)
  5. Ethics and discipline (Promote codes of ethics, investigate and hold disciplinary sessions)
  6. Education and continuing education
  7. Financial management
  8. * Update and improve the digital database, website, social media (Albertho Mercédat)

Our safety regulations, approved by the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports, give us the exclusive right to govern our sport in Quebec. The Sports Safety Act gives the Minister the power to impose fines of up to $ 10,000.00 on anyone who violates our rules. These fines are in addition to any other penalties imposed by our organization. In addition, to help us meet our obligations, the Minister grants us an annual operating grant of $ 5,000.00.

We also benefit from the Placement Sport Program through which the Government of Quebec grants us an additional subsidy equal to approximately three (3) times the donations received.

In application of these regulations, our main fields of activity are the certification of coaches, the training of officials, the sanctioning of gala events and the organization of tournaments of different levels. You can consult and download these rules by consulting the rules section of the main menu of this site.